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Social Bookmarking in Education

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Social Bookmarking is a tool that educators can use to collect, share and comment on websites across the internet. You can inform students about great content - be they videos, audio, pages, podcasts, whatever appears on your screen. You can also create a community of "sharers" and together make your own library. Long gone are the days of isolation and just your own list on your own computer's browser!


Here's an example - My own Diigo list of major social bookmarking sites! There you will find many great social bookmarking possibilities - some for any and all pages, some for podcasts, some for images, some for videos.  This Common Craft video relates a lot BUT don't open a delicious account - they are gone (boo! Yahoo). I recommend Diigo - see video below.


Although there are a lot of sites to choose from, here are the main similarities.... (and note, most big sites like youtube, twitter, facebook, slideshare - do let you social bookmark through their services.)


1. Your own list is created and you can make folders for different categories.


2. You get a "bookmarklet". Usually something you drag to the top of your browser. Each time you visit a site you want to bookmark, you click that button in your bookmarks toolbar.


3. Sharing. Private or Public. Set your pages either to private for only your students/friends or public.


4. Embedding. You can put the list of sites on your own school or teaching page - so others can be informed.


5. Discussion. Viewers can rate and discuss the bookmarked page/item.


6. Groups.  You can create a group of bookmarkers and share the wealth and work.


Ideally, a social bookmarking site should have all of these. Find what works for you - I recommend Diigo and see the video below for great information on it. Read 7 things you should know about Social Networking, for further info.. Also, this nice presentation.


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