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Skype is a quality VOIP (voice over internet protocol) audio and video provider. Using Skype, you can bring guests into your classroom and make learning "real"! No longer do EFL classrooms have to suffer from a lack of authentic language input.


With Skype, you get an ID to contact another person from computer to computer. You can either just use audio or both audio and video.  It is FREE when computer to computer!  You'll only need a headset/microphone to be able to use it. You'll have to download Skype the first time. This tutorial walks you through the process. Or try Teacher Training Videos for a visual view. If you have any problems setting up - reference the Skype User Guides.  Also, you can record yourself - try Powergramo - it's also free.


How To Use Skype on Howcast


You can also collaborate with other schools using Skype!  Here is a growing list of educators that want to connect through skype. This video of a regular EFL teacher in Korea, highlights one way skype could be used in the classroom!


Here's a list of helpful links about Skype.  If only doing face to face (2 cameras) and using a webcam - you might consider Wetoku. It also works great and records itself!


Using Skype in the classroom - Advice

Tips for using Skype in the classroom

50 ways to use Skype in the classroom

Many more Skype related links/sites


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