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Online Profiles

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As a teacher trainer, one of the things I have students do many times, is to reflect on themselves and their accomplishments. Just this little bit of reflection sets a teacher on more solid ground from which to progress.

You can do this many ways. Many times, I get teachers to write out a mini educational philosophy (see mine in this post). It could be a series of reflections like my Zen and the Act of Teaching. However, I also think it good if teachers have the opportunity to share with others, "who they are" and online tools offer some great ways.

First, one caveat. Facebook is something I don't recommend teacher's using to share their online self. For many reasons but mostly for how complicated it is to control the flow of information on the site. I know others might have a different opinion but that's my feeling after using it extensively. Also, cluttered and "too active" for this sort of thing.

One basic way to share oneself online is for teachers to fill out a profile online. This could be something extensive by way of making a website (try weebly for this!) or something quicker by filling out an online profile. Also, use your home page here on EFL Classroom 2.0 to share yourself! Here are some more excellent options for this, with my own examples.

1. Google Profiles: Probably the easiest and clearest. What doesn't google do good? Here's mine , the process is easy. You just need a gmail/google account.

2. FlavorsMe: You get a full page to personalize and share your online self. My example.

3. DooID: Probably for those with a more serious online presence. Nice, well designed "badge" with contact details. Also, a nice password can be given to selected information so not everyone can see it. My example.

4. LinkedIn: This is an absolute must for anyone making ELT a career. Post your resume and connect with likeminded professionals. My example and also, join our ELT Professionals around the World group!

5. Other options: These offer a lot of different approaches to sharing yourself online. Retagr / Card.ly / Gravatar / DandyID

6. Who Hub: I leave this site for last because I think it a super way to promote teacher professional development.I won't say too much - read this very complete and extensive review by Making Use Of.

Basically, a teacher interviews themselves about education. They can select the questions they want to answer (they don't have to answer them all). Then share with the teacher and fellow trainees. I'll be making this part of my new Certificate course for sure. Here's my example. (note: the only negative of this site is that at times their server is "off". They will have to upgrade or risk losing users)

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