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Moodle is a very much beloved learning management system. Open source, it can be set up on the school's server or you can set it up on your own. Nowadays, a simple few clicks from the admin panel on the server can install your moodle and databases using Simple Scripts.  It is a handy way for a school or instructor to have an online school and deliver content or blended learning.


Here is a nice presentation outlining Moodle and how to get started with Moodle. See these other sites below, to get info. on the whole line of what moodle can do. From customized templates, modules, to great plug ins!



YouTube plugin error


Moodle Second Language DEMO site (login as guest)

Moodle Explained

3 Tips for Moodle Prezi

Moodle Community Forum

Moodle - free templates/themes

Using Moodle - video tutorials

Matt Bury - helpful EFL teacher specializing in Flash in Moodle

Moodle Teacher Certification

Moodle manual (pdf)




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