Learning Management Systems

A "Learning Management System" is an online environment where teachers/instructors can organize and deliver curriculum. Some of the more well known ones (which cost major $$ to either use or set up) are Blackboard, eCollege, HotChalk or Moodle (see tutorial)

However, this is one area online that open source options have truly done well and offer equal or better options that are free.


An LMS can really range from the simple forum (like phpBB) to social networks (Ellg / Ning) to blog like platforms (drupal / wordpress) and to full fledge systems (like aTutor, Sakai, eFront). I decided after a long survey, on eFront.


Efront, our language learning management system has been tested and is up and running! Fully live. I'll be holding courses there after my move, later this fall. I hope members will sign up to my courses in TESOL and also Educational Technology. But feel free to register now and start your own class using this world class platform.


I did a lot of research before setting this up for members who want to have a classroom online, track students and build their own course in a secure private or public platform. When you sign up, you'll have student privleges by default.


Use the demo account (ID/PW: demo / eflclassroom) to experience what it is like as an admin - to set up courses, start lessons and manage your students or in some cases, teachers. Then contact me, as the email instructs when you register and I'll asap set you up with full admin powers. Comments/thoughts welcome.


I know a lot of smaller schools don't have any chance at something like this - so I'm providing it in the hope that teachers will take advantage of it. I'll also mention - use this and get some very powerful tools beyond forums and blogs for students. Also wikis, fully functional one click video conferencing, calendars, gradebooks and more....


You might ask why I am doing this? Well, it is in keeping with my ethos and belief that ideas and learning should not be hid behind four walls. We should share our knowledge and curriculum. After you build a course, you can export and use wherever you want. It won't be kept hostage, never really to be used again by a school, publisher or institution. Let's keep ideas flying free.