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Tarheel Reader

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The Tarheel reader is a place where you can find online books of all kinds! Share them with your students and it is a great place to learn vocabulary. Books repeat language and are at all different levels for English Language Learners. You can also export your books when finished into powerpoint!

The Tarheel Reader


Here's a quick screencast showing you how to use Tarheel Reader.  Here is a full listing of my favorites!




With Tarheel Reader, you can;

1. Share and read books together. Use the voice option or just have your students be the reader!

2. Get content for any type of lesson theme (holidays, ABC, people, places etc...)

3. Get your students to make books or you the teacher can make a book for students! This is a great way to consolidate learning!


TASK : Go to Tarheel Reader and make a book! Read the instructions above or on the site. Use our ID/PW EFL Classroom / efl20 All our books will be together in one spot.


You have 2 options.

A) Make a book using Flikr pictures. Just search for the category and choose to make your book.

B) Make a book using your own photos. Upload them.  

Here's my video of a Tarheel Reader made with Windows Movie Maker after I downloaded the ppt. Get the Tarheel book here.


With any of these applications, you can use the attached SOLOM - Student Oral Language Observation Matrix and assess your students oral production (speaking).


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