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Using Video

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Watch the flash presentation



Go here for more about using listening activities in your teaching...  This guide offers many activities. Download and read!





 Enjoy! (if the video is here on EFL Classroom - I've linked there - you'll have to be a member to watch ad free and in the highest quality)

Top 100 Youtube Videos for Teaching English


Top 10 The Elephant Song Where the Hell is Matt Lemon Tree ABC Song 5 Little Monkeys Lily and the Map C is for Cookie Can Do Kid Slippery Fish We are sinking!
11 - 20 Hey Jude Kid  Who Stole the Cookies?  The Message Mr. Morton is the Subject of the Sentence  We are the World What a Wonderful World "I have a dream!" Stop and Go - Lisa Loeb    Mr. W 6     Billion Others
21 - 30 The Appointment Free Hugs Always on my Mind Don't let the pigeon drive the bus Alma What happens next? Brown Bear, Brown Bear Urban action Doing a Bradbury I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
31 - 40 Chocolate Man Ages/Numbers Michael Jackson Medley A short love story Aha - Take on Me Moments Man with no arms/legs Validation George and Rosemary The Big Snit
41 - 50 I gotta feeling (Lip Dub) World on Fire Pen Story Asics Origami Honda commercial Xbox commercial Cat/Fish - Learn English! Deadline Story of Stuff F is for Fail
51 - 60 Banana Pancakes Coldplay-Yellow Don't Worry, Be Happy   Flying Penguins Gold's Gym Grammar Bruce Lee Table Tennis Astley - Never going to give you up Hoyt Family Zoo Animals    Ten in the Bed
61 - 70 Adora Svetak - Writing     The Girl Effect    We didn't start the fire    E eats Everything    The Hummingbird story   Lemon Tree in the Class    Chocolate Rain    A Korean Love Story  African Rain storm    A picture every day 
71 - 80 One year in 90 seconds   The Word is NO!    I am a Pizza   Google Logos    Without You - Bulgarian   Bob's House commercial    Pepsi vs Coke   Shiffty Five   Happy Dance   A Close Shave - Wallace and Gromit    
81 - 90 Taiwan - I will always love you     Dr. Seuss' ABCs         The Prediction   Kung Fu Fighting       I got a feeling - photo song           If I had a MILLION dollars            Mr. Xs Amazing Yesterday   Gabriel and the Vagabond           Top 50 tourism countries                     Sesame St. - Song of the Count
91 - 100 Be Remarkable      Chicka Chicka Boom Boom   Eminem - I'm not Afraid    Lift the Label    New Dork     Harder Better Faster Stronger    I.T. Monks    The Little Mole   Best Photos of All Time     A Dark, Dark, Tale


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