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Karaoke is a great tool for any language teacher. It really helps with phonetic recognition (connecting text to speech - reading) and highly motivational. It also is adaptable and you can vary the speed, the context (pictures) , the presentation and even have students record. Here are some examples I and other teachers have made. Get more on EFL Classroom's Karaoke page or click the links below.  This screencast also highlights all the karaoke resources.




Visit this discussion to get Gosing - where you can instantly have a very basic, traditional Karaoke player in your classroom.

The Karafun player is superb. Download it free HERE. Once installed, you have both A PLAYER and an EDITOR. Use the player to play files (.kfn) and the editor to make files. See the presentation below and watch how I make a file with; A) an mp3 B) a transcript/lyrics C) a photo (s) . It really isn't difficult! How to make a Karaoke using Karafun.doc

If your computer for some reason doesn't have Direct X 10 - download it here. The player needs this and most computers should have it already.

To download all the hundreds of FREE Karaoke files on EFL Classroom 2.0 - you will need to sign up or use the basic ID/PW - eflclassroom@mail.com / eflclassroom

If you are concerned about royalty free images and don't want to "google" - use Pics4Learning



On EFL Classroom's Karaoke page, you can download hundreds of premade karaoke files.
Also, there are many more places to get karaoke videos and learn about karaoke:

1. Discussions about Karaoke
2. Main Karaoke page
3. Karaoke video examples
4. Quick Karaoke
5. Kids Karaoke Korner
6. News articles in Karaoke
7. Elementary Songs for the Korean Textbook
8. Mixtube lyrics/songs
9. Go Sing player and songs
10. Karaoke in the classroom group 11. Karaoke Videos on EFL Classroom 2.0
12. Karaoke Dialogues

13. Voicethread Karaokes 

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